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Management Structure

Organization Chart
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Task Title Task Leader (Co-PI) (Area of Expertise) Team Members (Co-Is)
A1 Prediction of Weather Hazards under extreme Climate A. Lau (Atmospheric Research) J. Fung, A. Leung, W.K. Wong, H.W. Tong, L. Chen, LM Zhang
A2 Innovative Field Monitoring B. Huang (Geo-information Science) H. Qu, A. Leung, J. Kwan, B.Hau, T.C. Pong, Ben Chan, A. Lau, W.K. Wong, C.E. Choi
B1 Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning L.Chen (Computer Science and Engineering) H. Qu, A. Leung, W.K. Wong, LM Zhang, T.C. Pong, S. Lacasse, H.W. Tong
B2 Dynamic Data-driven Landslide Stress Testing and Risk Assessment L.Zhang (Risk Analysis, Geotechnical Engineering) S. Lacasse, M.Yik, A. Leung, C. Zhou, R. Cheung, H.W. Tong, J. Lo, H. Qu, L.Chen
C1 Modelling and Understanding Slope Failure Mechanisms C.W.W. Ng (Geotechnical Engineering) P. Cui, C. Zhou, J. Kwan, E. Alonso, A. Lau, C.E. Choi
C2 Innovative Green Mitigation Measures and Early Warning System W.K. Pun (Geotechnical Engineering/ Government) M.Yik, B. Hau, R. Cheung, J. Kwan, S. Lacasse, A.Lau, H. Lin, L. Chen, L. Zhang, C. Ng and T.C. Pong, J. Lo, J. Cheuk, C.K. Lau, C.E. Choi
C3 Immersive Education T.C. Pong (Teaching Innovation and e-Learning) H. Qu, A. Leung, J. Kwan, M. Yik, Ben. Chan, LM Zhang, J. Lo, J. Cheuk, F.Y.E. Lee